What is Klinio Diet?
Diet Plan

What is Klinio Diet?

What is Klinio Diet? At Klinio, we aim to create the most efficient and sustainable way to manage diabetes. Therefore, Klinio’s personalized meal plan is one of the main unique features to assist users in their diabetes management journey.

What is Klinio Diet
What is Klinio Diet?

What is Klinio Diet?

What is Klinio Diet App? The Klinio app builds a personalized meal plan according to your personal needs, such as allergies, food preferences, or likes and dislikes. Ultimately, Klinio provides you with an entire meal plan for each day, including snack and dessert options.

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Most importantly, each meal recipe comes with complete nutritional information, including calories, sugar, cholesterol, fat, carbs, protein, etc. Plus, you won’t have to worry about portion sizes, as the meal plan creates optimized portion sizes for those who want to manage diabetes and lose weight efficiently.

Example Klinio Diet Plan Menu

What is Klinio Diet Menu? Here is an example of a 3-day meal plan borrowed from Debbie, who has type 2 diabetes and seeks to lose weight and improve her high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Example Klinio Diet Plan Menu
Example Klinio Diet Plan Menu

Debbie tried to deal with diabetes on her own, but lack of nutrition knowledge and struggle with consistency in dietary habit approach proved to be too much of a burden.

Thus, she took a leap of faith and started managing her diabetes issues by using Klinio app. Now, Debbie is successfully sticking to a healthy and enjoyable diet, which was specifically tailored to her needs.

Day 1:


Greek Yogurt Chocolate Mousse with Raspberries | Calories (100g) – 121.03kcal |Glycemic load – 7.54


Lunch Wrap with Chicken and Avocado |Calories (100g) – 394.53 | Glycemic load – 31.94


Peanut Butter Toast |Calories (100g) – 168.15 kcal |Glycemic load – 9.58


Blueberry and Raspberry Smoothie |Calories (100g) – 200 kcal |Glycemic load – 8.57

Day 2:


Overnight Oats with Blackberries |Calories (100g) – 266.27kcal |Glycemic load – 10.96


Corn Tortilla Wrap with Turkey |Calories (100g) – 220.39 kcal | Glycemic load – 15.22


Rice Cakes with Avocado and Egg |Calories (100g) – 455.53 kcal |Glycemic load – 26.66


Immune Boosting Orange and Strawberry Smoothie | Calories (100g) – 145.29 kcal |Glycemic load – 8.87

Day 3:


Grilled Cheese sandwich with Mozzarella |Calories (100g) – 481.43kcal | Glycemic load – 22.93


Turkey Kebab with Veggies and Egg |Calories (100g) – 577.8 kcal |Glycemic load – 29.2


Blueberry and Strawberry Smoothie |Calories (100g) – 126.82 kcal |Glycemic load – 5.65


Zucchini Parmesan Rounds |Calories (100g) – 154.54 kcal |Glycemic load – 1.21

Note: this meal plan was carefully designed to fit the needs of a specific customer. This is just a small sample of meals that Klinio offers

Why Klinio?

It starts with a habit.

What is Klinio Diet Habbit? Klinio changes the way you approach your food, your routine, your condition. The diabetes assistant helps you take small steps towards sustainable results. No anxiety, no diabetes burnout – the only focus is on your improvement.

Why Klinio?
Why Klinio?

And continues with guidance.

A supportive virtual caregiver, Klinio meets you where you are instead of where you “should be” and helps you design your own path towards better health. Because life is defined by more than your condition.

How the Klinio web platform & app work

Ever-evolving Meal Plan

Enjoy the meal plan that comes adapted to your dietary restrictions and personal preferences. Recipes have pre-calculated calories, macronutrients, portion sizes.

Detailed Progress Tracker

What is Klinio Diet Tracker? Look after your blood sugar levels and weight loss progress over time, evaluate the effectiveness of your nutritional plan and present the information to your doctor when needed.

No-Equipment Beginner Workouts

Customize the workouts according to your activity level, pace, and ability. The exercises will help stabilize your blood glucose levels and fuel the weight loss process.

Educational Content

Understand your condition thoroughly in order to manage it effectively and ensure that you’re taking all the steps to achieve your best health.

Comprehensive Activity Log

Save time and effort by tracking your macronutrients and calorie intake, water consumption, physical activity and so much more all in one tool.

Intuitive Data Sync

What is Klinio Diet Data Sync? Connect your GM and smart data monitoring devices to sync up all the important information and have it displayed with the tap of your finger.

Klinio Diet FAQ

How do I start using the Klinio assistant?

What is Klinio Diet Assistant? You can access both the Klinio web platform and the Klinio app after purchasing a subscription.

To access the web platform, go to Klinio.com, choose the Login button at the top of the right corner and enter the email address you used during the registration process together with your password.

You can access the Klinio app by downloading it straight from the App Store or Google Play. When downloaded, tap Log in. Then, enter the email address you used during the registration process and your password.

Is Klinio diabetes management assistant free?

Klinio is paid, and its prices start from $1.29/week. Feel free to take a short quiz and get a plan that suits you best.

Is Klinio safe and verified?

Klinio is a trusted member of the digital therapeutic alliance and is validated by Validation Institute. We respect people’s privacy, so we want to create a safe and comfortable space for users to manage their diabetes.

Is Klinio effective if I don’t have diabetes or don’t know my diabetes type?

Klinio can be effective even if you don’t have diabetes. The Klinio assistant is also an ideal tool for those who want to lose weight or create better eating habits. So, the meal plans created by Klinio can definitely produce visible results regardless of your diagnosis.

Is the Klinio assistant actively developed?

Yes, we regularly update the Klinio assistant, taking into account user feedback and, in turn, improving the experience for Klinio users

Klinio Diet Review

Things I Like About Klinio

1. Multiple Features in One App

What is Klinio Diet Coverage? Klinio covers nutrition, fitness, and monitoring. Other apps are usually focused on one aspect.

Since it tracks and displays essential metrics, it can help keep you accountable and encourage you to lose weight.

2. Engaging Information

The knowledge hub has valuable content about diabetes, healthy meals, drinks, ingredients, and different diets.

With the science of diabetes constantly changing, you can ensure you get the most up-to-date information.

3. Flexible and Easy to Use

Klinio app is available on iOS and Android.. The mobile app contains five tabs, which makes it easy to navigate

Things I Don’t Like About Klinio

Registration Required

Not really a big drawback considering how affordable their subscription is. But you’ll be required to register before you get your personal summary and meal plans

My Conclusion with Klinio Diet

Managing diabetes is not an easy task. It’s not only about diet. It also includes physical activity, regular testing, and medications.

With so many things to look at, leading a healthy lifestyle may seem daunting. Klinio may not help you address everything. But it can help you get a headstart.

The meal planning and workout recommendations are helpful. Klinio’s tracking tools allow you to log and store details crucial to your health journey.


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